Iain Crockart / SAS / Ernst & Young

LPA photographer Iain Crockart was commissioned last month by SAS to shoot these slick and graphic images for Ernst & Young Shot to promote Ernst & Young's School Leavers programme, Iain captured some of the young businessmen and women who will be shaping things in the Future. A master of corporate photography, Iain's portraits and group shoots are simple and effective, professional and warm. LPA Style's Victoria Poland provided the great hair & make-up to make sure everyone was looking their very best.

EY_Group_low_res © Iain Crockart

Harry-1657 © Iain Crockart

EY-Smart-Futures-2885 © Iain Crockart

Harry&Drew&Phoebe-1639 © Iain Crockart

EY_Schools_Gabby © Iain Crockart