Iain Crockart / Personal Project / Harley Davidson

A motorbike enthusiast himself, Iain Crockart recently spent some time State-side documenting a HOG (Harley Owners Group) 1500 miles rally. Having previously documented motorbike rallies in the Himalayas, India, Cambodia and Africa, Iain followed the bikers through Arkansas, Ohio and Oklahoma on their mammouth rally. I think this would be a road trip we'd all like to be on!

harley02 © Iain Crockart

Ozark-Hellbender-112 © Iain Crockart

harley01 © Iain Crockart

Ozark-Hellbender-84 © Iain Crockart

Ozark-Hellbender-133 © Iain Crockart