Iain Crockart / Personal Project / Flowers

LPA photographer Iain Crockart has recently been working on a great new personal project, documenting the beautiful flowers and plants from his very own garden. Iain's graphic and bold style of photography show off these flowers at their absolute best and remind us all of the colour and vibrancy to come when Spring finally arrives. In addition to great photography, we're all very impressed by Iain's green fingers!

16-Flowers2 © Iain Crockart

16-Flowers3 © Iain Crockart

16-Flowers5 © Iain Crockart

16-Flowers9 © Iain Crockart

16-Flowers10 © Iain Crockart

16-Flowers15 © Iain Crockart

16-Flowers16 © Iain Crockart