Iain Crockart / Captain Fawcett / Ricki Hall

Carrying on from yesterday's hairy blog post from Victoria Poland, we present this recent shoot from Iain Crockart which combines three of his favourite things: photography, motorbikes and beards! Shot for Captain Fawcett, a gentleman's grooming range, Iain captured the fantastic Ricki Hall as a brooding biker who spends as much time looking after his facial hair as he does looking after his bike. Furnishing a range of products from moustache wax to shaving brushes, Captain Fawcett is a side project of Iain's which has proven to be as popular as his photography. Don't know how you have time to do it all Iain!

_D3X5086 © Iain Crockart

_D3X5049 © Iain Crockart

_D3X5163 © Iain Crockart