How to Commission a Photographer: A step by step guide for anyone commissioning a photoshoot

STOP PRESS… STOP PRESS…COMING SOON… LPA are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of “How to Commission a Photographer: A step by step guide for anyone commissioning a photoshoot.”

Now, we respect the fact that some of you reading this might commission shoots all the time and might not need any advice. But we do come across lots of people who haven’t had the chance to commission bespoke photography before, those who wouldn’t mind a handy step by step guide to jog their memory and those that could do with something more structured to pass on to their team or colleagues. As enjoyable as most shoots are they can sometimes be a minefield, so we thought this 10 part, step by step, user-friendly guide might be just the ticket!

Whether you are from an advertising or design agency, a global brand or a charity, a P.R firm or a publishing company this guide could be just what you need. Whatever your photography requirements, from a library of images shot overseas to a creative still life, a recipe book to a series of case studies for an annual report, “How to Commission a Photographer’’ will guide you through the whole process of your photoshoot.

Michael Heffernan shooting on location in Cape Town

Over the next 10 weeks, right here on the LPA blog, we are going to be covering:

Part 1: Why Commission? 10 good reasons to commission original photography. Part 2: Finding the Right Photographer for your Shoot: What to look out for. Part 3: Writing the Brief: What we need to know to cost and plan the shoot. Part 4: The Cost of a Photoshoot: How we work it all out. Part 5: Timings: The Production Process Part 6: Photoshoot Contracts: Photographers terms and conditions. Part 7: Photoshoot Legal Obligations and Codes of Practice: Essential information on             shooting people, places and things. Part 8: Are you Covered? Insurance. Part 9: The Day of the Shoot. Part 10: After the Shoot: What happens now?

If you don’t want to miss any crucial information, sign up now. Send your email address to with the subject line “How to Commission a Photographer” and we’ll send you the guide directly each week. We’ll also be happy to answer any further questions you have on organising a photoshoot in the meantime.

“How to Commission a Photographer” is written by Lisa Pritchard, the owner and founder of LPA. Lisa is also the author of “Setting Up a Successful Photography Business’’ (Published by Bloomsbury, available on Amazon), the UK’s best selling book on how to become a professional photographer. She has just completed the sequel ‘’Running A Successful Photography Business’’ (also published by Bloomsbury) which will be available January 2017.

Don’t miss the first installment next Thursday, April 28th… Why Commission? 10 good reasons to commission original photography.