Happy 10th Anniversary LPA!

It's official, Lisa Pritchard Agency is 10 years old this year! Established in 2002, LPA quickly grew to become one of the UK’s leading photographers agents and shoot producers and, we are proud to say, maintains it's stronghold as the most innovative, professional and helpful agent in town!

So do excuse us while we blow our own trumpet a little ...

Over the last decade we’ve worked with some amazing clients, photographers and crew, tackled some of the most challenging briefs (and budgets!) and organised thousands of seamless photoshoots of all shapes and sizes.

Starting out with just a handful of photographers, several of which are still with us today ( Iain Crockart, Michael Heffernan and Nick Daly) the agency has expanded over the years to incorporate some exciting divisions, including LPA Futures, LPA Style and LPA Production.

Energy, experience and efficiency, that's what we're known for. Aside from that we can lay claim to some very worthwhile initiatives. We support and spearhead up and coming talent with LPA Futures and the LPA Student Challenges, Lisa has written a bestselling book ''Setting Up a Successful Photography Business'',  earned a reputation as an engaging guest speaker and established the very popular Ask an Agent column. But last, and certainly not least, we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for the A team of staff that we have managed to maintain over the years. Jenny and Kyle in the early days ; then Holly, Alex, Luke and Bridget helped take LPA to the next level and the current creme de la creme  - production supremos Dani and Lauren, marketing whizz Alexa, newest member and fab agency assistant Tom and of course the magnificent 'accounts department' Georgina who has been with us from the start.

And so, lets raise a toast to 10 years of LPA and commemorate with 10 anniversary images. An image for each year, each one will depict the traditional wedding anniversary material or gift for that year. Apparently as the years go on the gifts become more precious and durable - just like LPA! Also, just like a successful marriage, we know it takes a lot of hard graft and team work to keep doing what we do so well!

First up for year one is an image by Sam Stowell and the gift of paper! We'll bring you more anniversary gifts each week so watch this space...

Year One/Paper

© Sam Stowell