Culture Corner / December / What's On

In the run-up to Christmas there are plenty of great things to keep you busy. The team at LPA have handpicked our favourite things to do this December, so do your Christmas shopping online, and check out our suggestions for the month ahead... BAC / Kneehigh / Midnight's Pumpkin Alexa: 'Getting in the festive spirit, I'll be heading to BAC next week to catch Kneehigh's take on the classic fairytale Cinderella in their latest production 'Midnight's Pumpkin'. Known for their playful and somewhat tongue in cheek performances, Kneehigh's shows always provide a fun alternative to the average pantomime and I'm sure that this one, voted as Time Out's number 1 Christmas show, will be no exception!' Runs until 13th January.

Panto © BAC/Kneehigh

Tate Modern / A Bigger Splash: Painting After Performance Tom: 'In a bid to stay out of the cold I recently went to Tate Modern to see 'A Bigger Splash: Painting After Performance'. Starting by contrasting key works by David Hockney and Jackson Pollock, this great show goes on to explore the relationship between the body and the process of creating art. Highlights include works by Sanja Iveković and Valie Export.' Runs until 1st April.

Tate David Hockney, A Bigger Splash, 1967 Tate. Purchased 1981 © David Hockney

Dennis Severs' House / Annual Christmas Installation Lisa: 'Every year the already beautiful Dennis Severs' House in Spitalfields is transformed for Christmas with beautiful decorations filling the house. The former idiosyncratic owner of the house Dennis Severs gradually transformed the house into an homage to previous generations, creating a living theatre set. Make sure you get your tickets early though as demand will be high.'

DennisSevers © Dennis Sever's House

The Photographer's Gallery / For The LOL Of Cats Dani: 'If you are planning on shopping this weekend and want a break from the crowds on Oxford Street I advise you make a trip to The Photographers Gallery where you can enjoy a warm up with a pot of tea whilst viewing 'For the LOL of cats' - a celebration of the cat phenomena on the internet now has it's own exhibition.' Runs until 16th January.

Maru © Maru Mugumogu, Courtesy of The Photographers' Gallery

Seduced By Art: Photography, Past & Present / The National Gallery Georgina & Lauren: 'We went to Seduced by Art at the National Gallery this week. It was the first major exhibition of photography at the National Gallery and includes just under 90 photographs next to selected paintings from the National Gallery. It explores the influence and inspiration of centuries of fine art traditions on photography. Our favourite photos were by Orl Gersht.'