Ben Roberts-King of Social Networking

Here at LPA we are getting really into the whole social networking thing, and regularly blog and tweet to our hearts content.  We have not only embraced these tools of communication as a way of reaching out to a wider audience and promoting all our services, but also due to a number of our photographers positive encouragement! A large handful of our photographers have their own blogs, along with facebook pages and the like.  Ben Roberts, in particular, very actively utilities a number of applications and sites such as CouchSurfing and Flickr, and has not only been able to gradually extend his network of industry contacts but has also successfully made a series of portraits of people he met through social networking, which makes a great photography project. Ben's notable networking has been referenced in a feature in this months BJP online, titled "Hello, world: Social networking for photographers"

Follow this link to view the whole feature online; "Hello, world: Social networking for photographers"

Ben the blogger himself!

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