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Dear Ask an Agent,

Help, I need to find a London cab for a shoot, any advice? Should I just hail one and ask them?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Ben Green

Hey Ben,

No problem. Yes you could hail one but you'd probably make your life easier if you got one from a company that specialises in hiring them out for filming. There are a couple of good companies around, we just used these guys who were helpful - London Taxi Film Production. They hire London cabs out on an hourly rate for shoots (or daily or weekly) and they can even provide drivers who are happy and comfortable to model! Don't forget the usual model releases though. The cabs are all free from advertising and branding, which obviously you have to be careful of. We also came across these guys who offer similar services - London Corporate Cabs. 

So there you go, have a fun shoot!

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