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As 2015 draws to an end, I've come up with some ideas that will hopefully keep you inspired throughout the new year ahead.


Dear Ask an Agent

I’m a photographer shooting mostly for advertising and design agencies. I’m currently planning ahead for the New Year and wondered if you could give some tips to stay motivated and increase my chances of success?

- Henry Ash

Thanks for the question Henry. It can be tricky staying motivated as a freelance photographer sometimes, especially through the dark winter months. But here's a few tips that will hopefully help.

- Keep shooting personal work. This will strengthen your brand and help you stay on track. Photographers who lose motivation seem to be the ones who aren't inspired by what they are commissioned to shoot anymore. But clients will only commission you based on your portfolio of work.

- Set some realistic goals for 2016 and stick to them. Whether it's showing your portfolio to a certain amount of agencies, improving your website or maintaining a work/life balance, you'll not only feel a sense of achievement but it should all contribute towards a fulfilling and successful business.

- Get as much feedback as you can about your work, whether it's from a creative, an art buyer or an actual portfolio review. Not all the advice you get will be a game changer but you're bound to pick up some helpful pearls of wisdom that might really make a difference.

- Go to some industry events and engage with others over social media. You might sometimes feel a bit isolated as a photographer and meeting other like minded people should keep you inspired and informed. (But don't spend the majority of your day tweeting!)

- 'Do good work for nice people.' I admit I nicked this one from an image I saw recently , but I love it and there's definitely something in it! ( thanks to Paul Craig, Raw and the person that came up with the phrase, apologies I couldn't find the source)

Merry Christmas from Ask an Agent and I look forward to answering all your questions next year!

DoGood © Paul Craig - image taken at Manchester based creative agency, Raw.

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