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For this months Ask an Agent we have a query about the logistics involved in shooting on the London Underground.

Dear Ask an Agent,

I’ve been asked to shoot on location in the London Underground for a client of mine. Do you think this will be possible? I assume I might need to get some kind of permit.

- Michael Slazenger

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Hi Michael,

Yes it is possible and yes you will need to get a permit. Transport for London are very helpful and have lots of information on their website (pop in ‘filming’ in the search option). The hourly rate is around £500 and ideally you should allow 2 weeks to get the permit processed. Hope that helps and have a great shoot!


Update on last month's Ask an Agent:

Last month I had a question from a photographer who had been contacted by both the agency and their client for quote. The photographer has given me a quick update so here goes…

"I got back to the end client and told them that that their agency had already been in touch and I had submitted an estimate, at which point they didn’t push me further for an estimate. I did mention to the agency what had happened, and they were a bit surprised to be honest. I do have a really good relationship with the agency so I’m glad I didn't simply provide a quote to their client. As it turned out the client went with a different photographer at rock bottom rates and dealt with the shoot directly themselves, cutting the agency out of the loop. I wouldn't have been comfortable with shooting the job for such a low fee anyway, so am glad I didn't waste my time providing the client with a quote and potentially jeopardising my existing relationship."

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