Ask an Agent / Christmas Gift Ideas for Photographers

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This month on Ask an Agent some inspiration for photographers' Christmas presents!

Dear Ask an Agent

My partner is a photographer and I am struggling for ideas as to what to give her for Christmas. Can you help?

Joey Taylor


© Fay Elizabeth Harpham

Hi Joey,

Thanks for writing in to Ask an Agent. That’s a great question and very opportune as we have just launched The LPA Gift Card!

The idea was actually inspired by a lady who got in touch recently asking if she could book one of Lisa’s review sessions as a surprise for her husband at Christmas. So we thought we’d introduce some actual gifts cards that can be exchanged for a portfolio review.

The gift cards comes in three denominations, ranging from an hour’s face to face session to a 30 minute ‘quick review’, and the sessions can take place at the LPA studio in London, by phone or video call. They are offered at a reduced rate to the normal price list, are only available until the 19th December.

The reviews are suitable for all levels and stages, from established to aspiring photographers. They can include an honest appraisal of the work plus advice on how a brand can be strengthened and promoted to the commercial market. Alternatively, the review can be tailor-made according to requirements, questions could be asked on other subjects like contracts, shoot production or valuing your work too.



Aside from that there’s the more obvious accessories, gadgets and novelty gifts to be found online. But who wants a camera bag when the invaluable LPA Gift Card is now available!

Hurry while stocks last! Please email with subject line ‘Gift Card’ for a full menu and price list. Terms and conditions apply.

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