Ask An Agent / Assistant Insurance for Overseas Shoot

Lisa Portrait Ask an Agent is a regular monthly column that answers all your questions about the business of photography – a sort of photography agony aunt.

This month Ask an Agent has had a question from an assistant about insurance needed for an overseas shoot.

I'm about to go to Spain on a big 10 day production as an assistant. Do I need to get the usual travel insurance that you would get if you were going on holiday or will this be covered for me?

Suzie Smith

I had a quick chat with Tom Carson at Williamson Carson on this one and the verdict is: You wouldn’t be covered for personal belongings or medical/hospital cover and you would require a travel policy for this. But, you would be covered under the producer’s liability policy ( I’m assuming they have this, I know we certainly do as shoot producers) if you were injured due to negligence.  It does have to be negligence though, it doesn't cover an accident or act of God. Again that would need to be under a travel policy.

Hope the shoot goes well and no one has to make any insurance claims anyway!

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