Agent Seeks Photographer for Long Standing Relationship & Good Times!

You don’t need to be a tall, dark and handsome millionaire (although we are fine with that too!), but shared interests and a GSOH are a must. LPA are on the look out for another photographer to add to our existing fabulous roster that is LPA Photographers.


Behind the scenes on a shoot with LPA Photographer Kerry Harrison © Jamie Mellor

We’ve been the UK’s leading agent for quite a while now and do get several emails a day from photographers wanting representation. So why, we hear you cry have you written this blog post?

Well, the thing is you see, our checklist is quite specific and we wanted to be upfront about what we are looking for in a potential partnership. LPA have spent many years building up an excellent reputation and client list, being one of the best in the business for customer service, costing and shoot production know how; the photographers that would be suitable for our main division need to be fighting at the same weight so to speak!

Not to say we don’t support emerging talent, we do our bit there with our LPA Futures division and LPA Student Challenges, plus Lisa’s ‘Setting Up a Successful Photography Business’ book and regular talks. We’re all about helping people break into the business and giving advice. We just want to be honest about what we need for our LPA Photographers division and what we are looking for in our Mr/Mrs Right, which is:

An impressive track record of commissions from advertising and design agencies. It’s important that you understand the business, know how to deal with clients and provide an excellent service as well as your agent.

A great reputation and established profile in the industry.

A proactive approach to your own marketing.

You must LOVE your work.

We must LOVE your work.

You will compliment our existing roster.

A Nice Personality.

2012-01-25-11.43On a shoot in sunny South Africa with LPA Photographer Nick Daly.

And last but not least you are busy and successful. There, we said it, we run a business and we are not looking to take on photographers whose sole reason for getting an agent is to get more work. If you can’t get any work yourself why do you think we can do any better? That said if you tick all the boxes above it’s highly likely we will get you lots of shiny new clients as together we will be a force to be reckoned with.

_NIC7550AThe LPA team in a meeting at LPA HQ © Nick Daly

If that hasn’t put you off email us by April 11th at and tell us why you think we could be a match made in heaven!