5 Minutes With.... / Team LPA

After spending 5 minutes with everyone in the business from model agents and stylists to art buyers and even animal agents, we thought why not spend some time catching up with Team LPA. Here is what everyone had to say... _NIC7550A © Nick Daly

1. What do you at LPA? Lisa: Good question. As the LP in LPA my job is very varied, I get a bit involved in everything from marketing to shoot production to taking on new talent, recruiting and helping the team to general office stuff. I guess my main job is quality control, trouble shooting, delegating and moving the business forward. Lauren: I estimate, negotiate and produce shoots. Tom: I look after all PR & Marketing related issues, from taking folios to clients, to running the website and arranging events. Jonathon: I’m a Producer. Bryony: I assist the team with marketing, PR and client meetings and with producing shoots. Georgina: Look after the accounts.

2. How did you get into the industry? Lisa: I applied for a job at a photolibrary when I graduated from UCL , having done a degree in Classics and that was it really. I didn’t know anything about the photography industry at the time and just knew I wanted to be involved in something creative and and just noticed an ad for the job.You need to demonstrate more of a genuine enthusiasm in such a competitive industry and get some relevant work experience these days, so I always feel fortunate I got my foot in the door straightaway not even knowing what a photolibrary was at the time. Lauren: I worked in events for 4 years, did a work experience placement and then met a friend of a friend who told me about the position going at LPA. Tom: I came straight to LPA after doing my MA at the Courtauld and having worked in the art world. Jonathon: I studied Fine Art at Central St Martins and specialised in photography. I assisted Sam Taylor-Wood for 2 years before joining LPA 3 months ago. Bryony: I worked in a photography studio in North Italy, assisting photographers and working on different advertising projects, then briefly in retail studio photography in London before joining LPA. Georgina: Progressed on from publishing then PR.

3. What's the best thing about your job? Lisa: Spending a lot of my time looking at great pictures. Being the boss. Lauren: The people I work with and working in an industry that I am passionate about. Tom: I really enjoy working with the photographers’ images and matching the best person to a brief. Jonathon: Being so involved in all aspects of shoot production and getting to know so many people in the industry. Bryony: The friendly and relaxed working environment and LPA people. Being involved with creative projects and having a real insight into what is involved. Georgina: Always interesting and enjoyable to work with a talented team.

4. What's your favourite image or personal project by an LPA photographer? Lisa: Very difficult as there are so many, but I love seeing all the images from the new LPA Futures - I love Gerwyn Davies. Lauren: Iain Crockart's bearded men! Tom: Roman Sakovich’s Transformation project. Jonathon: Rowan Fee's burger. Bryony: Michael Heffernan Boat Party. Georgina: Julian Love's Handmade London project.

gd © Gerwyn Davies

rs © Roman Sakovich

5. What's your favourite commission by an LPA photographer? Lisa: I loved Nick Daly’s Nivea ‘moments of closeness campaign’, (Life Agency), it's so real and natural. Lauren: Tricky, but I really like Patrick Harrison's recent shoot for Prudential RideLondon (Further Creative). Tom: I’d probably say Nick David’s portraits for Children in Need (Five Foot Six). Jonathon: Julian Calverley's Bank of Scotland (Rufus Leonard). Bryony: Kerry Harrison White Rose (Drummond Central). Georgina: Rowan Fee's John Lewis calendar (Kitcatt Nohr Digitas).


© Nick Daly / Nivea / Life Agency


© Julian Calverley / Bank of Scotland / Rufus Leonard


© Patrick Harrison / Prudential RideLondon / Further Creative

6. Who's your favourite non-LPA photographer? Lisa: William Eggleston. Lauren: JR. Tom: Rineke Dijkstra. Jonathon: Robert Mapplethorpe. Bryony: Sebastiao Salgado. Georgina: Tim Flach.

7.Name one thing people don't know about you? Lisa: I held the record for 100 metres at my school for nearly 10 years- 13.2 secs, set when I was 16. Lauren: I'm a pretty good hula-hooper. Tom: I’m related to Chris Moyles. Jonathon: I’ve recently started learning calligraphy. Bryony: I learnt to ride bareback on a Montana ranch. Georgina: I've sailed across two large oceans in a small boat.

_NIC7541A © Nick Daly

8. What's the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you? Lisa: There’s no point in worrying about something if it hasn’t happened. Lauren: Never regret anything that once made you smile. Tom: It’s better to have bad things said about you than nothing said about you at all. Jonathon: If in doubt, do it. Bryony: Turn on the radio. Georgina: If you ever feel low, go outside for a walk.

9. What's your favourite song on the LPA playlist? Lisa: Martha and the Muffins - Echo Beach Lauren: Anything by Bastille Tom: Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy Jonathon: The Shangri Las - Leader of the Pack Bryony: Hot Chip - These Chains Georgina: Gabrielle - Rise

10. Dream holiday destination? Lisa: My house in the New Forest. Lauren: India. Tom: I went to Tokyo a few years ago which was amazing. Jonathon: The Lake District, where I’m originally from. Bryony: French Polynesia. Georgina: Hawaii where I used to live.

_NIC7390A © Nick Daly

11. What super power would you like to have? Lisa: To be able to find anything that I’ve lost immediately. Lauren: Teleportation. Tom: I like to think I’m psychic, so probably to be actually psychic Jonathon: Invisibility. Bryony: The power of hindsight as foresight. Georgina: To be able to read without my glasses.

12. What's your guilty pleasure? Lisa: Beef and Tomato Pot Noodle. Lauren: Chocolate buttons. Tom: Tabatha Takes Over - click HERE to see why. Jonathon: Candy Crush... and the Daily Mail online. Bryony: The Twilight series. Georgina: Champagne and chocolate.

_Y9A8048A © Nick Daly