5 MINUTES WITH...A Photography Tutor

As part of our '5 MINUTES WITH...' feature we've interviewed Tom Hunter, internationally renowned photographer, artist and lecturer of photography at London College of Communication.

Tell us a bit about what you do? I’m an artist using photography and film. I work on the BA photography course at the LCC one day a week. I chair groups of students and we discuss taking photography and developing visual projects.

What made you decide to teach photography? I wanted to be part of a thriving creative community, which nurtures new talent.

What do you enjoy most about your job? I really enjoy meeting the students, with their fresh ideas, idealistic views and untainted mentalities, and seeing them reach their potential by creating great work.

What’s the most challenging thing about teaching photography? You can’t teach someone who is not interested, it has to come from the student, it can’t be forced.

Do you think it’s important to study photography if you want to become a photographer? No, university is not for everyone. There are other routes such as assisting, which can be great for some people. However, university is a great place to explore lots of different avenues within photography without worrying about the boss or being paid.

Typically, what do your students go on to do when they graduate? I can only talk about the students I come across and they vary wildly. Curators, artists, editors, researchers and photographers are some of the ones that keep coming up. There are a lot of jobs in the creative industries and they seem to be spread around them all.

What advice can you give to students to get the most out of a photography education? Use your knowledge and use that knowledge to fuel your passion.

What is the most inspiring thing a student has done? I’m always being inspired by ex students, having exhibitions, putting on exhibitions, running magazines, running agencies, its endless.

What is your all time favourite piece of work by a student? I do really love the work by Bianca Brunner, who graduated from the LCC in 2004. Her series ‘Limbo’ is great.

Which photographers do you admire? Peter Kennard and Gustav Metzer for their political commitment and lifelong dedication to their art.

What’s your favourite photograph and why? My children on my phone for obvious reasons.

What is your favourite film? Depends on what day it is. Today it’s Apocalypse Now.

What one item do you always carry with you? Pants except for midnight swims.

What's your favourite blog or website? Never read a blog. The BBC site is good for news and weather, which can be useful.