Ask An Agent / Where Can I Find Footballers?

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In case you haven’t noticed there’s quite a bit of Football on at the moment, so for this month's Ask an Agent we have chosen a footie inspired question!

Dear Ask an Agent, I’ve been commissioned to shoot some footballers for a soft drink ad. I need to shoot some moving image as well so it’s important that they can actually play football and look the part. Any idea where I can find them? I can probably get away with just 3 or 4, I don’t need a whole pitch full!Any suggestions much appreciated!Heather 

Hi Heather,

Thanks for your question. We’ve been gripped by the World Cup this month so are happy to answer a football themed question!

You need to look no further than the fabulous Sports Promotions Modelling Agency and Chris Snode Casting who can help with finding you your footballers.

Sports Promotions also have recently acquired Crystal Palace Locations which is the largest area in South London for filming and includes a football pitch if you need one!

Have a great shoot!

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