Lisa's New Book / Running a Successful Photography Business / The Perfect Photoshoot Cont'd.

To celebrate the launch of Lisa's new book 'Running a Successful Photography Business' we are posting a regular extracts of the book for the next few weeks! Chapter 8: The Perfect Photoshoot is a step by step guide to ensure your shoot runs smoothly. This week we bring you an extract from this chapter by one of the contributors, international photojournalist Justin Sutcliffe.

"My advice for a smooth shoot is, don't stint on the planning! Things will sometimes go wrong or turn out differently than planned. Keep cool, find solutions, smile throughout. If the client is on set and there are problems, never let them know - even after the fact. Just push on and behave as though everything is as it should be. As a photojournalist, that preparation might include always bringing an extra power adaptor for your laptop so that when a power spike in a faraway place, blows it up, you aren't stranded without access to your computer - I learned that one the hard way in Afghanistan in 2001 - had to borrow other people's computers to send my work! Keep a flexible mind, know what you want but be open to other possibilities" - Justin Sutcliffe


Afghanistan, January 2006 © Justin Sutcliffe. 

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