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Dear Ask an Agent,

I am owed over £6,000 for a job I shot nearly 9 months ago, have you got any advice on how to get the client to pay me?

Theresa Beard

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Hi Theresa,

Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear you are having problems getting paid, 9 months is unacceptable.

When we have slow payers, the first thing we do is refer them to our payment terms which state…

‘’Terms of payment are immediate on invoices for expenses in advance and 30 days from date of all other invoices…. We reserve the right to charge 2% interest per month (or part thereof) on amounts overdue.’’

The first sentence will hopefully wake your client up to the fact that 90 days is really very overdue, and the second that they have potentially incurred nearly £250 in interest.

Another effective line in our terms and conditions, in the clause on usage, states this…

‘’The Usage Licence comes into effect from the date of full payment of the relevant invoice(s).’’

So you can tell your client that, if they are using the images already, they are essentially in breach of copyright.

It’s really important to include a comprehensive set of terms and conditions with all your estimates and invoices, this should help protect you in situations like this. Often just referring a client to ‘the small print’ can be make them realise you mean business and enforce your point more strongly than just chasing an overdue invoice. You can find a full set here in my new here in my new book.

If this doesn't prompt them to get their act together, you could then send a legal letter. There are actually some templates available online (if you have a search) for late payment reminders, they are mostly inexpensive and some are free.

If the above tactics don’t work, you would then need to refer the case to a solicitor, but hopefully you won't have to resort to this and you will get paid soon!

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