LPA / Work Experience in a Photography Agency

Hello, I’m Lizzy Bernard and I really enjoyed my week spent at LPA as I got to learn more about photography, but also how everyone works together in an office space. Having just finished my GCSE’s, I am eager to learn about different career options so my experience was very useful!

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During my week, I was able to look through the photographer’s portfolios , so I was able to see how they vary and they all contain very interesting projects. Lisa, Chloe and Anna showed me how a photoshoot is organised and created and then Chloe taught me how she makes an estimate for a photoshoot for a client.

I was shown LPA’s blog and was able to choose some photographs to be included in a post, and they also let me to choose photographs for a treatment. I thought this was quite difficult as all the photographs are amazing, so I learnt which elements of photographs allowed photos to fit well together on a page. On Wednesday afternoon, I met the photographer Alice Whitby, who shared her most recent work for her portfolio with us. This was incredibly interesting as I was able to understand why photographs were chosen to be near each other and Alice explained the stories and meanings behind her work and projects. In my spare time, I helped with the administration and organisation of the office by electronically scanning archives.

Overall this experience has shown me that I really enjoy the office environment and that there is a lot more to the photography industry than I realised.

Alice Whitby’s Portfolio

Alice Whitby’s Portfolio