LPA Portfolio Reviews

Would you like an honest appraisal of your photography and photography 'brand' by one of the industry's leading experts? Each month Lisa Pritchard, founder of LPA, offers a limited amount of one to one sessions at the LPA HQ in central London. Being a photographer can sometimes feel a bit insular and although you might get regular comments and advice about your work, sometimes its difficult to know which to take on board and which to take with a pinch of salt. Lisa can offer you some unbiased, no nonsense feed back based on years of experience. So, whether you'd just like a one hour general review, a serious editing job on your website, or a full brand and marketing overhaul now's your chance. Please email hello@lisapritchard.com for a full menu, price list and availability.

"I set up LPA Portfolio Reviews nearly a year ago as a result of a huge demand from photographers of all levels asking if they could pop in for a chat about their work. I can only spare a certain amount of time but I thought it would be a good idea to set aside some time each month and offer formal review sessions. It's often much easier for me to be subjective , identify weak ( and strong!) areas and give photographers a firm nudge in the right direction. I really enjoy the sessions and meeting so many different types of photographers, and the feedback about how useful the sessions are makes it even more rewarding''

Here's what a few happy punters had to say... Louise Adby

"I was so excited to discover that LPA offered portfolio reviews - I felt I really needed a honest review of my work, and with LPA representing some of the best lifestyle photographers in the industry I knew that Lisa would be able to help me move forward with my business. My meeting with Lisa couldn't have been more inspirational and really helped with building my confidence to promote myself. I am currently in the process of getting my first printed portfolio assembled and I really can't wait to start marketing myself more effectively. Thank you so much for your honest opinion and making me feel excited about my work. I will definitely be booking more reviews in the future." www.louiseadby.com


'Outside St Paul's Cathedral London, for Pure Student Living' © Louise Adby

Nathan Gallagher

"A visit to Lisa Pritchard Agency was exactly what I needed to help me progress as a photographer. I found their knowledge and experience invaluable and would recommend their service to anyone looking to take a photographic business forward. Nice biscuits too." www.nathangallagherphotography.com


'Charlotte Bradbury, Loughborough for Lloyds Banking Group' © Nathan Gallagher

Josh Murfitt

"The one hour portfolio review with Lisa Pritchard was a very positive and encouraging experience. I presented my web portfolio and Lisa gave an honest appraisal of my work and its potential for the commercial market. As a recent graduate, I’m at a stage of deciding what the future might be for my photography, so it was very helpful to hear Lisa’s thoughts and made me more certain of my direction. Lisa also offered some practical advice in terms of how to refine and restructure my portfolio, and how to improve my personal statement, which was very useful. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming and Lisa made me feel completely at ease with showing and talking about my work." www.joshmurfitt.co.uk


'Butterfly' © Josh Murfitt

David Hicks

"I just had a rare (for me) portfolio review with Lisa. It's an important experience for photographers like me who want to understand where their work would fit within the commercial market. It was a practical and pleasant look through my work with an honest chat about where it was going. Can't recommend doing this enough. If it achieves nothing else but making a photographer think about their work then it's well worthwhile. Anything else is the cherry on top." www.hicks.uk.com/new


'Istanbul Tourists' © David Hicks

Chris Gloag

"It was fantastic to meet Lisa and so revitalising for me to have a fresh perspective on my work. I really feel that we have made an excellent edit that takes into account: My style now, my image heritage, who the viewers are that I want to attract and of course the direction in which I want to move forward.

It is such a good feeling knowing exactly what clients I should be targeting and what work to show... it takes the stress out of my marketing. I contact 50 art buyers now, not 5000! Having a quick frank chat about fees was enormously useful too. It is reassuring to know the ball park for different industry sectors, clients and usage. I guess photographers are so close to their images - it takes an outside eye to really hone a great edit that sits together and has a consistent style and direction. Art buyers need to go "Yeh, he is the go to guy for this.." and have a definite idea of what you do well." www.chrisgloag.com


'Lilibet' © Chris Gloag