LPA / New Branding and Website!

LPA are very excited to reveal our brand refresh including a shiny new website!

Over the years LPA has expanded and evolved and now incorporates several other divisions. Not just a photographers agent we now offer several other services - Moving Image, Pop-Up-Agent,  LPA Production plus Portfolio Reviews! So we thought it was time we updated our branding and website to reflect the changes and show off all that we offer.

The LPA branding was originally designed by Bryan Edmonson, the founder of SEA Design, when Lisa set up the agency 17 years ago!  Bryan did a fantastic job and we have always felt that our branding embodied our company ethos very well, as well as standing the test of time. But, with adding more and more strings to our bow we felt our collateral needed a little more consistency and our website needed modernising, so we took the opportunity to refresh the branding as a whole including all our points of communication.

We really wanted to keep some of the original elements, such as the gradient and colourfulness, and also to make sure the brand continued to reflect our values of being a friendly, approachable and flexible agency! So after a little search for the right man ( or woman) for the job,  we were lucky to find branding designer extraordinaire, Cadú Gomes.

With a C.V including FutureBrand, Design Bridge, and Bulletproof,  Cadú now runs his own company. We were very excited to get working with Cadú to see what he came up with, and we weren’t disappointed.  

We think he's done an amazing job but take a look around our new website, or ask us for an estimate or a treatment and we'll be able to show you our new branding in action!