An Original idea for photographers without agents

Pop Up Agent is a handy initiative designed to help photographers without agents deal with shoot enquiries and shoot production on a job by job basis.

© Paul Craig

© Paul Craig

Established in 2010, this original idea could be just what you are looking for.

Once you get an enquiry for a commission, Pop Up Agent can step in and help you out, whatever the size of the project.

The service works in two ways.

Acting as your consultant, you can take advantage of our agent know-how. We can advise on any aspect of your shoot, from fees to shoot expenses, location permits to models releases, contracts to additional usage licences

If you prefer, we can really take up the reins and deal directly with your client on your behalf. We can handle everything from pinning down the brief, attending client meetings and negotiating the budget, to securing funds in advance, booking the crew and final invoicing.

Whether you’re a photographer without an agent or a commissioner who would prefer the back up of an experienced agent, Pop Up Agent is at your service!


“LPA’s Pop Up Agent service has been brilliant for me. Most recently they helped me with my largest ever project, a global campaign for American Express.

After a quick phone chat they kicked into gear liaising with the agency and helped me to land the job. Then from start to finish they organised every detail of the shoot , including the casting .  locations, crew and scheduling, leaving me free to concentrate on doing the bit I love. 

One of the advantages is you don’t just get one production person,  you get the backing of a full team and not only are LPA highly skilled and experienced professionals, they are lovely people too and have been a real joy to work with!”

Paul Craig


“I used the LPA Pop Up Agent service when I was approached for a shoot which was more complex than anything I had done before. I knew I would find it difficult to negotiate decent day rates, image rights and production fees. LPA were amazing from start to finish. They dealt with everything with efficiency and a professional touch!” 

Tom Leighton



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